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Jay's Catering Argentine Asado

Jay's Catering Argentine Asado

We’re adding authentic Argentine Asado to our menu and this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on! Perfected for us by one of our own 30-year veterans, Claudio, asado is an all-day affair that will excite the senses during an all-natural 5-hour slow roasting process, so grab your friends and family and gather round the grill while we do the hard work for this major cookout.

To kick off an asado, the Asador (grill master) will set the asado (short ribs) up on an iron cross over a wood burning fire that uses no gas to ignite or maintain itself. The art of starting and maintaining the fire is important and many grill masters are opposed to utilizing any kind of flammable liquid for the asado ritual. Once on the cross, the asado will be doused in a brine called salmuera that is made of saltwater and herbs every 30 minutes throughout its 5-hour cooking process. During the process of cooking the asado, all other mouth-watering cuts of meat will be grilled. This is where the fun of an asado happens. Guests are invited to sip on wine, snack on hors d’oeuvres like cheese platters and empanadas, and mingle amongst each other as the smaller cuts of meat are served hot and ready off the grill when they are done, so everyone is grazing through different items until the big reveal of the asado hours later. One of our favorite intermittent snacks is choripan; sausage with a healthy spoonful of chimichurri between soft bread. Is your mouth watering yet?

After 5 hours of cooking, the asado is ready to be served! Taken off the iron cross and cut into smaller portions, this piece of meat is the most coveted, tender, and juicy. Guests will swarm to the grill and fill their plates with the asado, chimichurri, bread, grilled vegetables like bell peppers, and Russian salad which is potato salad with mayo, peas and carrots. Now it’s time to dig in and enjoy a delicious, authentic Argentine meal.

For more information on our Argentine Asado catering experience and menu, please give us a call at (714) 636-6045 or email We’re happy to wow and excite your guests with this one-of-a-kind experience!

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